Sophie Derrick

Artist Statement

Sophie Derrick's work very much focuses on portraiture, but with the use of both painting and photography this genre is skewed and manipulated, and the transformative properties of paint are pushed to the limit. She photographs the act of painting onto her own skin and then paints on top of the photographs, creating a layering of image of paint and painted image, blurring the boundaries between the two. The 'self' is lost, buried beneath the paint, and the notion of portraiture is questioned. The body becomes both object and subject within Sophie Derrick's work.

There is a constant shift between dualities; painting and photography, absence and presence, and reality and fiction. The painting, photographic and layering techniques, and bold, vibrant colours used within the work become obstacles to reality, distorting and creating absurd and abstracted portraits. Sophie Derrick's work incorporates the two mediums of painting and photography. She has a great interest in the materiality and substance of paint, and execute this interest through photography, creating a juxtaposition of the two mediums. 

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Exhibitions and Awards:

2013 - Residency at DegreeArt

2012 - Affordable Art Fair, Bristol,

2012 - Memoria-Technica, The Nunnery, London

2011 - Auerbach to the Future, Debut Solo Show, DegreeArt, 12a Vyner Street, London

2011 - Nailphilia,, London

2011- Commendation in Aesthtica Magazine's Creative Works competition, published in Aesthetica creative works album.

2010- Small Pleasures exhibition,, London

2010- Affordable Art Fair, Battersea London,

2010-, Signature Art Award Finalist, Mixed Media Category,  Vyner Street, London

2009- Overview; Contemporary Painting Exhibition. Elysium Gallery, Swansea.

2009- The Best of UK, SaLon Gallery, Notting Hill. Competition Finalist.

2008- Noise Festival Online Showcase, Liverpool.

2008- Scribe, Leeds.

2008- Wunderkammer, Leeds University Degree Show.

2008- Boundary Gallery Prize for Figurative Art, London.

2007- Home from Home, The Morlea Hotel, Leeds.