Sophie Derrick Exhibiting at SCOPE Miami Beach

Sophie Derrick Exhibiting at SCOPE Miami with Contemporary Collective
Contemporary Collective will be presenting a solo show of Sophie Derrick Close to Nothing at SCOPE Miami Beach this December. 
Derrick challenges the alchemic possibilities within her process. Seeking to heighten her unique style of production, blending performative photography with painting, reality with fiction and absence with presence. Derrick transcends the genre of portraiture, using her face as the canvas. Impasto paint is placed sculpturally upon the artist’s face, then rendered flat through digital photography, the image is then re-animated, as thick lashings of paint are applied heavily across the surface. Derrick translates paint’s materiality and substance and dynamically fuses the digital with the tangible to create alluring works. The palette within Close to Nothing takes inspiration from her iconic series ‘Feint’, featuring ethereal and muted colours that gradually ascend throughout the collection into a multi-layered vibrant, a cacophony of neon hues.
Derrick intends to challenge our perceptual experience of the works, presenting us with a crescendo of colours and engaging 3-Dimensional installations, that evocatively capture the act of painting through fragmented and glitchy interfaces which will be presented via multiple screens throughout the stand.