NEW ARTIST: Gillian Hyland

Abstract Expressionism
I find interesting space to photograph in both within the UK and abroad, I always shoot on location in an environment which offer interesting textures, colours and setting for me to create an evocative scene
I am an image maker as I'm involved in all aspects of creating the picture, usually I start with a poem or text which has an emotional core. I then interpret that memory or emotion into a compelling image which tells a story. I use props, colours, textures and models to set this scene and draw the viewer into the image.
Frida Kahlo, I admire her honestly within her paintings, she used her life , pain and experiences to create wonderful works of art which really say something about emotion
Most jobs I have done or want to do revolve around the creative realm, but if I had to pick a totally different profession it would be phycology. I am fascinated by the mind and how our experiences shape our path in life, the power our thoughts have over us and also the capacity people have for positive change
If I focussing on something important for work, whether that is writing or editing I'll listen to classical music
The Frida Kahlo painting - The Two Fridas
The MoMa
If you want to make compelling art, be clear of your intentions of why or what you want to create
Ulysses by James Joyce

In a hospital, I think that during times of illness or if you're worried about a sick person it would help to see beautiful images around you whist time is spent in such a clinical environment, it would help take your mind off your worries and possibly connect with the person on an emotional level which may bring them some solace

The best way to learn is to put yourself out there and try, experiment and even fail but don't let your fear stop you
I would be working on a photography book shooting in an interesting foreign location