Nico Klein-Allermann

Artist Statement

Having started by taking pictures with a tic-tac carton as a child, Nico has been photographing ever since. Nico Klein-Allermann loves people, characters, moments, and authentic feelings. He cherishes situations that stand out from everyday life. Nico possesses a rare ability to capture moments of vulnerability, all the while leaving the atmosphere and spirit of the moment unaltered and thereby authentic. Whether it is street photography, staged, or documentary in nature, his photographs are a journey through time and space

Simone Schwerdtner, blogger, Münster 2015


"Even if I cannot palpably perceive making a positive difference in the lives of those less fortunate, I am at least thankful for having been made aware of those who strive for a better and more dignified life." (Nico)

For Nico Klein-Allermann (April 28, 1987), growing up with a Filipino mother and a German father, the search for his own identity serves as the catalyst for the aesthetic of his photographs. This is what lends his pictures such an expressive nature. The exchange and understanding between him and his subjects, however, remains always in focus. While searching for reality, he manages to capture the beauty of simplicity in his subjects. His pictures are documents that raise our awareness as observers. Through his work I have come to recognize how much more one can recall the past when one doesn’t attempt to recall it abstractly, but rather concretely with the aid of a picture. 

Nico roams, observes, and finds his subjects. Not wanting to disturb the situation, he becomes an invisible part of the moment and intuitively captures it. His interest ranges from high to low, from light to dark. His works do not attach any value to subjects, but simply depict reality. To Nico, it is not only important to illustrate the multi-faceted breadth of his world, but to venture beyond any facade. With his multi-cultural biography, Nico is particularly receptive to disruptions and desires. 

„Life is made up of endless opportunities. Nevertheless, these opportunities prove elusive. Unsatisfied with present, we find ourselves constantly searching for the promise of something better. All the while we fail to realize that the right decision to make is simply to make one at all.“ (Nico)

Uwe Karl Kunz, retiree, Berlin 2017

The Affordable Art Fair Spring



Exhibition Title City Date
Artconnection Münster Münster 12/09/2016 to 12/11/2016
Artconnection Münster Münster 12/09/2016 to 12/11/2016
Artconnection Münster Münster 12/09/2016 to 12/11/2016
Artconnection Münster Münster 12/09/2016 to 12/11/2016