Jad Oakes

Artist Statement

Echoes • Residues • Traces • Remnants • Legacies • Vessels • Manifestations • Relics • Fragments • Impressions • Artefacts


Interpretations of memory, remembrance and time form the basis of Jad's work with an emphasis on using lens-based media as remnants of personal, cultural and collective memories. The sourced camera imagery is reinterpreted creating intimate ethereal romantic works.

Since 2007 Jad has been developing processes involving the layering of photographic images using digital & traditional techniques. For the past five years his main source of inspiration has come from discarded vintage photo albums of families, communities and couples purchased from around the world. The process has involved digitally scanning the photographs from a single related series which subsequently are superimposed, then printed as photographic C-Types or Giclée prints. More recently the final output has evolved into producing hand pulled oil based photopolymer intaglio prints.