Jad Oakes

Artist Statement

Echoes • Residues • Traces • Remnants • Legacies • Vessels • Manifestations • Relics • Fragments • Impressions • Artefacts


“Memory forms the fabric of human life, affecting everything from the ability to perform simple, everyday tasks to the recognition of the self. Memory establishes life’s continuity; it gives meaning to the present, as each moment is constituted by the past. As the means by which we remember who we are, memory provides the very core of identity.”

- Marita Struken


Interpretations of memory and remembrance form the basis of my work seeking to enquire about the human relationship with lens-based images and the effects they have on our personal, cultural and collective memories. My interest in using camera imagery stems from the romantic idea that they act as vestiges of our memories, acting as traces of moments passed re-affirming, informing, creating, altering, erasing or evolving a memory. 


Using collected and researched imagery sensitively re-appropriated, the works created act as the residues of memories inviting the viewer to investigate and create their own intimate dialogues.