Nicolas Hermansen

Artist Statement

Multidisciplinary artist working in these fileds: Performance arts, Sound art and photography.

Regarding the Mont Mémoire Series:

Mont Mémoire means “Mount Memory” in French and is the anagram of memento

mori (remember that you have to die). Mont Mémoire is a work that questions, through a reinterpretation of a classical theme in art, the paradox of our society’s needs of immortality.

On the scent of the long relationship that photography has with the concepts of immortality (which through the photographic image can translate to endless, unceasing, destined to endure forever, never to be forgotten) this series presents in almost every photograph a before and after state, thus inviting the viewer to create a narrative, a connection or an evolution between the images.

There is interplay between two states, two moments of life.

The predominance of the white color is used to create an unnatural, unrealistic and abstract microcosm in which, like on a blank canvas, everything, even death, is possible. A parallel sphere made of its own structure and language that presents figures, naked of any social refer- ence, in action and framed into tableaux.

Memento Mori has a strong connotation with the actual means of displaying our lives through various filters, which leads to the creation of key and immortal images of our existence. In this schizophrenic attempt to display everything through its best angle one can ask itself: if we became immortal, how can we die? And if we do, does the rest of society that made us immortal would even notice it?


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Mont Mémoire Performance (Mutuo Gallery)

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